Wedding Photography Style


I like to use a range of styles when capturing a wedding, and I shoot in digital which allows me to edit the images in different styles, according to your preference.


For formal portraits of the bride and groom and group shots, I use a combination of composed portraits with people looking directly at the camera, and reportage wedding photography, where people are often unaware their picture is being taken, with the result being a more natural and spontaneous shot.

Colour Styles

Colour photographs can provide striking and bold images, and are essential to capture the beautiful flowers and decoration, whereas black and white photographs have a more traditional, classic and timeless appearance. Because we photograph in digital, we provide all the images on disc in colour and, for no additional charge, in black and white as well.

We also edit a select number of images in sepia or duo tone, which  are as flattering as black and white, but with a softer and warmer result, and  often with an antique feel.

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