Wedding Photography Shot List


Below is a sample wedding photography shot list for full coverage. This can be tailored depending on time and your priorities. If you book two photographers, we can take some time photographing both the bride and groom getting ready, as well as the ceremony from different angles.

Getting Ready

* Bride getting ready
* Dress, shoes
* Bride with parents
* Bride’s parents
* Bride with bridesmaids
* Bride in car

* Groom getting ready
* Groom with parents
* Groom with Best Man / Ushers

At the ceremony
* Guests arriving
* Guests inside venue awaiting arrival of bride
* Groom awaiting bride
* Bride getting out of car
* Bride entering the venue
* Bride walking down the aisle
* Vow exchanging (different angles with two photographers)
* Pictures of guests
* Signing of the register
* Bride and groom outside the venue
* Bride and groom being waved off in car


We normally do the group shots before the pictures of bride and groom so that your guests aren’t milling around. We then take pictures of the bride and groom together and on their own. This can take between 10-30 minutes.

* Bride and maid of honour
* Bride and bridesmaids
* Groom and best man / ushers
* Bride and groom with bride’s parents
* Bride and groom with groom’s parents
* Bride and groom with all parents
* Bride and groom with bride’s family
* Bride and groom with groom’s family
* Groom with male guests
* Bride with female guests
* Wedding party group shot
* Bride and groom

Reception Coverage

* Bride and groom arriving
* Table decorations
* The cake
* Bride and groom cutting the cake
* Bride and groom toasting
* Guests enjoying themselves
* Speeches
* The band / entertainment
* The first dance
* Bride and father dancing
* Groom and mother dancing
* Throwing the bouquet
* Bride and groom getting into car and driving off

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